JR Haruka Express Train 

75 minutes/3,080 JPY (approx. 30 USD)
The JR Haruka express train takes just a little over an hour to arrive at Kyoto Station from Kansai International Airport. The train is designed for travelers carrying luggage and has plenty of stowage space. Destinations are announced in both Japanese and English, making it easy to arrive ready for anything in Kyoto.

Shuttle Taxi 

95 minutes – direct to your hotel door / 3,600 JPY (approx. 35 USD)
Travelers arriving off long-haul flights with heavy baggage are always happy to see the uniformed shuttle taxi driver who will take the weight off your shoulders and guide you to your hotel door. The taxi journey takes a little over an hour depending upon traffic conditions and the location of your hotel. Services run between Kansai International Airport & Osaka (Itami) Airport, and Kyoto.

Airport Limousine Bus 

95 minutes / 2,550 JPY (approx. 25 USD)
Excellent limousine express bus services are available from both Kansai International Airport (KIX) and Osaka (Itami) Airport (ITM) to Kyoto Station. The journey to Kyoto Station from KIX takes about 105 minutes. The buses have ample luggage space, all announcements are made in English, and you can reserve a seat or just take the next departure.


Transportation Fees

It costs 290 JPY by subway, around 4,000 JPY by taxi from Kyoto Station to the venue (International Conference Center Kyoto).

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