IGCS 2018, Kyoto - Promotional Toolkit

Promotional Toolkit

​​​​Welcome to the official promotional toolkit for IGCS 2018!

​​​​​​You are invited to make use of the following promotional materials to promote IGCS 2018 through your organization's​ network, social media platforms, lectures and meetings.

​​Thank you for your support.​​

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Aug 2017 - You're Invited

Share these items with your colleagues. ​

PowerPoint Template, Letterhead​​​ and Advert​​

IGCS 2018_PPT 16.9.pptx

IGCS 2018_PPT 4.3NEW.pptx

IGCS 2018_letterhead.docx

IGCS 2018 concept A4.pdf

IGCS 2018_A5 Save the date_online.pdf

Use these ​​web banners on you email signature or website

If you need a different size or a different call to action, please contact us.

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